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Hypnotic Gaming recruits a new European roster!

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Hypnotic Gaming recruits a new CS:GO EU Roster!

Hypnotic Gaming have been wanting to expand in the CS:GO esports scene, so we have been looking to take on an EU team as well as a UK team. So that being said, Hypnotic Gaming is proud to announce the formation of a new CS:GO E.U based team! We would like to give a full Hypnotic Gaming welcome to each of our new players!

Coach | Kaloyan “POP0V” Popov
In-Game Leader | Ivan “Choiv7” Živković
Awper | Dejan “Katalic” Koprivica
Entry Fragger | Stefan “steffe2k9” Angelov
Lurker | Nemanja “Sarenii” Sarenac
Rifler | Edgaras “entz” Luksas

Us at Hypnotic Gaming are extremely excited to start working with them!


“I am really excited to start working with this new EU roster! I have been looking to spread our roots deeper into esports, and I cannot think of a better way than getting more involved in the game title I love. These lads are pure talent, and I cannot wait to watch them play and succeed.”

Quote from Alexander Allan | Founder & CEO of Hypnotic Gaming


“I am anticipating a healthy relationship with our EU team and I know they are ready to unleash all the talent they have. We are looking forward to allowing the team to develop their full potential alongside Hypnotic. They are a well formed team and we know they have what it takes.”

Quote from Sam Rolph | CGO of Hypnotic Gaming.


I’m very excited for the opportunity to be part of this team and I can’t wait to start competing in competitions and hopefully placing well in them. With the current line-up, we’re making great progress as a team and I have no doubt that we’ll get good enough to start going toe-to-toe with good teams. With that being said, nothing but hard work awaits for us in the future to get to where we want to get to which I have no worries we’ll put in. I would like to thank ‘Hypnotic Gaming’ for providing us with the opportunity to play under the organisation and hope we can achieve something great together.

Quote from Kaloyan Popov | Coach of the CS:GO EU Team