Duality Media

Duality Media is a professional esports web design and development business specialising in full end-to-end web experiences and brand cultivation. They utilise a wealth of experience in esports to enhance the effectiveness of their client’s branding and digital presence. If you are looking for a business committed to providing a high quality service tailored to the unique needs of esports, Duality Media will deliver.

Mixt Energy

MIXT Energy was designed for those who look to go above and beyond the norm and are looking for a little push to do so. We get it: life has gotten busy. Juggling school, work, family, exercise, and a social life is a full time gig. And that’s just who we developed this for. Those who live a full life but still want more each and every day.

Gamers Apparel

Gamers Apparel Ltd the UK's Leading eSports Jersey Supplier. We supply everything from a custom eSports Jersey design to custom eSports clothing to Bags!